What we do?

ICONFEST gives influencers a scene and an opportunity to tell their story and lets their fans interact and follow their stars.

ICONFEST goal is to bring stars on social media and podcasters to the big stage.

Cooperate with Us


Bringing social media stars and podcasters to the Stage. Our aim is to be the mainstage for influencers.


Our philosophy and excellence are to manage the overall solution - from technical, administrative, or practical solutions. We always want production to expose and strengthen the creator's strengths and let them shine through.


In the ambition and desire to bring together the physical and digital scene, we have also teamed up with a leading streaming platform and Ticketmaster to offer a live stream. So for those of you who do not have the opportunity to be at the physical event STAGE and prefer to enjoy the show directly from the TV couch, there are digital tickets for sale.

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